Go Cardless

We are now asking our regular window cleaning customers to pay via GoCardless, click the link to take you through to the Direct Debit Signup page.


Benefits of using Gocardless

  • Always keeps your bill up to date

  • Automatic payments

  • Saves us lots of hassle collecting payments so we can focus on doing a great job

  • Safest method of payment


Any questions you may have about GoCardless, should be answered below.

Fill the form in once and your done for the whole time we clean your windows, EASY!


GOCARDLESS is fully secure and safe, GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution. For any more information please visit there website.



GoCardless, question and answers

Q)Will i need to fill this form out after every clean?

A)No you will only need to fill it out this once

Q)Will Gocardless charge me for using this service?


Q) My windows have not been cleaned this month, will payment still be took from my account automatically?
A) No, we only request payment AFTER your windows have been cleaned


Q) I’m having some building work done and wont require my windows cleaned for a few months, do I need to cancel the direct debit mandate?

A) No, we only request payment when your windows have been cleaned , so if you should miss a clean for any reason, then no payments will be taken until you restart your schedule.

Q) How will I know when payment is going to be taken?
A) Payments are collected 3 to 5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will receive an automated email from GoCardless stating that a payment has been requested and the date and amount that it is due to be collected from your account.

Q) Can I cancel this payment method if I don’t want to use it anymore or if I cancel my window cleaning service with you?
A) Yes, you have full control, as you would with any Direct debit.